Columbo© Inspection Software

We’re very proud of our revolutionary inspection- and reporting software Columbo©. Our in-house developed application allows you to plan, execute and archive HSE inspections such as total home safety, fire safety, tool checkups and more. By utilising cloud sync technologies, you can work anywhere, anytime from any smart device!

Modular Software

Columbo is endlessly expandable with many different pre-produced modules. Once purchased, additional modules can be added for a very low cost, ensuring that Columbo grows with your business. And if you need a module that we don’t offer, we’ll build it for you. Anything’s possible!

Fully Customisable Forms

Inspections -whatever the kind- can take all shapes and sizes. Columbo’s Custom Form functionality allows you to create the forms you need, exactly how you want them. From a simple, 3-point inspection form to extensive building checkups; with an intuitive interface you can build your unique form in no time at all!

Automatic Reporting

Writing reports takes many hours, if not days. Columbo’s Automatic Reporting tool takes over this work for you. It automatically creates a custom report, based on your inspection form. With PDF and Excel support, you’ll always have the perfect report!

Additional Media Support

Both our Custom Form Builder and our Automated Reports fully allow you to add additional files such as maps, certifications, previous reports and other documents. You’ll have all the information you need for your inspections in one, single place!

IBM Maximo EAM

IBM Maximo is leading asset management software with a rich history of over 35 years. Initially built to keep track of a company’s assets, it has since been expanded to encompass many different modules and add-ons that support business operations. IBM Maximo offers a comprehensive package that includes:

Asset Management

The main feature of IBM Maximo. The software is designed to increase efficiency within your asset lifecycle. By adding parts, classifications and locations, Maximo allows for easy access to the operational data of your assets. Automatic or manual meter reading input ensures that you are never behind on schedule when it comes to keeping your valuable assets in peak condition.

Supply Chain

Keeping track of your assets is one thing. Acquiring assets and managing (service) contracts is quite another. With IBM Maximo these all come together in one, integrated package. Maximo allows you to create quotation requests, upload contracts and invoices and attach them to products and services. No need for separate contract management software. Maximo takes care of it!

Work Management

Depending on the size of your organization and the amount of assets you have, making sure the right worker is in the right place at the right time can be a daunting task. IBM Maximo offers tools to streamline your work planning, through the use of work orders, job plans, personnel roles and calendars. IBM also offers an additional Scheduling module that allows for easy, visual planning and routing.

Reporting Options

It is often said that “Knowledge is power”. Take your asset management to the next level by getting the most out of your information. With its extensive reporting capabilites, Maximo allows you to create both timed and ad-hoc reports. Especially valuable for management, these reports allow for operation analysis and data-driven decision making.