5 reasons to start using Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is rapidly transforming the way businesses are run by putting a wealth of information and relevant insights in your hands. If you're not yet using Business Intelligence tools, you're missing out!
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The Great Address Shortage

If you’ve ever looked at the network settings for a device you own, chances are you’ve come across an IP Address. These addresses are the backbone of how devices communicate within networks and across the internet. But there's a problem...
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(Inter)national Standardisation Bodies: who and what?

There are many different organisations that develop standards (standardisation bodies), and almost all of them work together in some capacity. Since there are so many -and sometimes similar- organisations, committees and standards, I started to wonder how they all fit together.
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An electrical power plant in the sunset

IT, OT, IIoT & Security: challenges & chances

Traditionally, in the world of computer-controlled operations, there’s a divide between IT and OT. But with the advent of IIoT, these different forms of tech become more and more co-dependent. What exactly does this mean for the world?
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Red and blue tinted abstract light beams

Artificial Intelligence for a Safer World

Currently, the TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) industry is largely reliant on skilled workers that perform manual inspections. Artificial Intelligence can assist in getting inspections done safer, faster and more accurate.
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A workstation in a datacenter


In the world of IT, there are a ton of different something-as-a-Service-variations. To shed a bit of light on the phenomenon, we’ll give you a definition of the most common ones.
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A worker performing an inspection on traffic lights

Asset Management: An Introduction

How do you realise the best Return on Investment from your assets? Asset Management helps with making the most out of your important equipment, machinery and tools.
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A stop sign indicating that halting and observing is necessary

Staying safe with the S.A.F.E. rule

Phishing is a common form of online crime these days. In this short tip, we'll tell you how you can easily spot emails designed to cheat you out of information, by using the S.A.F.E.-acronym.
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Kalibra employees posing for a photo in their office

Client Spotlight: Kalibra International

Every month we put the spotlight on one of our valued customers or partners. This month we'd like you to meet the calibration witches & wizards of Kalibra International!
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What is a VPN and why would you use one?

Working remotely comes with its security risks. A VPN helps you mitigate those risks. In this blog we'll explain what exactly a VPN is and why you'd want to use one.
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The 5 biggest cybersecurity threats for businesses in 2021

Cybercrime is on the rise since we're moving to cloud services and have been working remotely more than ever. We tell you what to look out for.
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