Managed IT Services

Networking, Operations and Security

Keeping your essential infrastructure stable, secure and up-to-date.


Buying devices, software and licenses for your business is a (pricey) hassle. Our hard- and software experts take this task off your hands and help you find exactly what you need.

Your benefits:


From a single mailbox to all your IT infrastructure from A through Z; we offer it all. There’s a Service Plan for everyone.


Whether you’re self-employed or an enterprise organisation; we offer services for any business size. And grow with you accordingly.


You won’t get bogged down by details. We’ll configure and design your workspace exactly how you want it.

Security Bridge©

Security Bridge is the solution to keep your crucial assets safe. It is designed specifially for Industrial Control Systems to ensure protection of vital sectors such as energy & drinking water supply, healthcare, transport and national defense.

Your benefits:


Uptime is absolutely crucial for vital sectors. That’s why Security Bridge prioritises stability without sacrificing performance.


With tight procedures and zero-trust principles, you have full control and insight into who has access to what.


Operational Technology requires the highest level of security. We apply proven and tested methods to secure your OT environments.

IT Support

IT problems can cost a lot of time and money and you’ll want them resolved as fast as possible. Give our experts a call and we’ll get you back up and running in no time!

Your benefits:


No matter your question, our support team is professionally trained to provide the best care possible.


You want to speak to an actual human when you need help, right? We don’t use scripts or bots because we believe in a personal approach.


You can rest assured: our support staff is trained and has years of experience with all facets of IT and OT.


Looking for a fully interconnected collaboration tool? Groeps-kantoor is our productivity software for companies big and small. All the managing tools you need in one, single web-app.

Learn more here.

Your benefits:


Move seamlessly from your schedule to your customers to your projects: everything’s linked with everything.


With a simple, consistent user interface, you’ll never be lost navigating the application.

For Everyone

From management to production and HR: with extensive access controls, everyone has exactly the information they need.