Columbo Inspection Software: smarter inspections,
faster reports

Columbo is our all-in-one inspection software for every object type and industry. Columbo allows you to prepare, plan, perform and finish inspections. All fully in your own brand identity and with your own inspection lists.

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Heating & Fire Safety

Fire Extinguishers

Building Management

Emergency Lighting
Delivery Inspection

"With Columbo, processing your inspections becomes child’s play!"


“Well-organised and easy to use.”


“Nice, easy inspection software”


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Columbo easily prepares your inspections. Plan inspection points, maps and routes before you head out. As an inspector, you’ll have everything on hand to start working once you arrive on the site. That saves you proper time: at your next job faster, home faster.

Columbo can…

• …plan inspection points, maps and division of labour before arriving on-site.

• …import required information like as address lists or inspection points, from different sources.

• …download your preparation, so you're ready to start working (offline) as soon as you're on-site.

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Of course, once you’re on-site you’ll want to perform and finish your inspections as fast as possible. Practically and painlessly, right? Columbo’s been developed in over a decade together with inspectors. So Columbo’s features have been meticulously designed to match an inspector’s daily work and make inspecting a breeze.

Columbo allows you to…

• …upload images to record defects, or to add location maps.

• …work hands-free by enabling speech recognition.

• …clear defects during your inspection.

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Once you’ve finished your inspection, you’ll naturally want a good-looking report. Columbo automatically generates inspection reports in PDF format, that your clients can view easily. On top of that, Columbo provides you with extensive inspection and management information to allow for data-driven decisions.

Columbo gives…

• …immediate insight into your reports after finishing an inspection.

• …the option to run custom reports and dashboards for extensive management information.

• …your clients their own portal to log in to and view their inspection results.

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Business Intelligence (BI)

When performing inspections you’ll gather a lot of data on buildings, quality and processes. And you can use that info to do more than edit your dashboard or generate a good-looking report for your clients. If you’re looking at the right data, presented in the right way, you can improve on your operational processes, manage inventory and plan work more efficiently.

With Columbo’s BI-service…

• …you use the potential of Microsoft Power BI to gain insights into your daily operations, so you can make clear choices.

• …data from Columbo can be combined with other sources for an even more complete overview of your company.

• …you’re always one step ahead so you won’t encounter any nasty, operational surprises.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the capabilities of AI, Columbo takes your inspections to a new level. AI’s a digital assistant that helps you perform your work. And because AI keeps learning and developing itself, you’ll benefit from increasingly accurate and personalized results.

Columbo’s AI…

• …automatically recognizes defects in pictures.

• …generates client-specific text for your reports and other communications.

• …seamlessly works together with Columbo’s Business Intelligence modules; AI uses data to learn.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things allows you to keep your finger on the pulse at all times. With sensors and measuring equipment, you & your systems have 24/7 access to the status and quality of your assets and buildings. From air & water quality to energy consumption and maintenance notifications; IoT-integration passes all information on to Columbo.

Columbo & IoT bring you…

• …continuous monitoring of critical systems.

• …data streams that bring you important (historical) insights.

• …preventive and just-in-time maintenance so you’re never late.

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