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However you’d like to use automation in your company, over 21 years of experience in the tech sector means we’ve got all the skills and knowledge to realize your dream. With a healthy dose of curiosity and a sizeable pinch of daring we’re always looking for new ways to make your workday easier and more fun.
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In case you want your network to simply be stable and safe. And in case you’d like your accounting, planning and management software to just work. Because working digitally should be easy first and foremost.

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Looking for software to make your processes faster and safer? We’ve got off-the-shelf products for your company. Need software that doesn’t exist yet? We’ll build it for you.

Recognizing phishing mails. How to spot them?

Phishing is a much-used cybercrime technique, with which criminals attempt to steal personal information or login credentials. They usually do this by creating official-looking messages that ask you to click a link they’ve sent...
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How to prevent Cybercrime? Five practical tips.

There’s stories about digital misery left and right. Cyberattacks on companies are an everyday occurrence, inflamed by the conflict in Ukraine. Apart from criminals who are looking for an accessible way...
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Asset Management: how & what?

Asset Management is essentially the answer to a very straightforward question: "What do you do when important equipment breaks down?" It's a simple question, but answering it requires some brainpower. Because whether it's about complex machinery or a lightbulb, you'll want a strategy...
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