About Master Solutions

How it started

We started over 20 years ago as a networking company, ‘Master Network’. When network engineer Orfeu Cairo and software architect Ali Mehrafar met in 2006, Master Solutions was born. From the outset, we differentiated ourselves by our curiosity. Because for us it’s about more than getting your project done: it’s about truly understanding you. We want to find your ‘why’, so we can give you the best ‘how’.


The technological landscape changes continuously and the possibilities for transforming your business change along with it. At Master Solutions, we want to apply our knowledge to make your day as easy as possible. That’s why our motto is: “Experience convenience!

How it's going

We want to create a world in which everyone can do what makes them happy. And because we believe in practicing what we preach, that starts within the walls of our own office. We’re a highly diverse team of tech nerds that do what we love. As a result, we have certifications and expertise in ITIL, Network Management, Microsoft products, web design, different programming languages, IBM products and project management & consultancy. Not because we must, but because we’re keen to learn! We want to bring that passion into your projects every day.

We have...

Happy Plants
Art Pieces
Sustainable LED Lights
Formula 1 Superfans

What we believe in


We’re not just IT professionals; we’re tech enthusiasts! Our curiosity drives us to be on top of new developments. Whether it’s mobile technology, advancements in AI or the newest big data solution: we’re in the know. And we’ll figure out how these new technologies can support you and your business.


We welcome challenging projects and push ourselves to learn more every day. We always strive to deliver you the best solution for your problem, no matter the hurdles to overcome. If we set our mind to something, it gets done!


To us, you’re not just another client; you’re our partner and we work alongside you. We firmly believe that any sustainable business relationship is based on trust and we take safety, security, communication and a personal approach seriously. Our ISO-certifications are proof of that.